Fire Prevention and Life Safety


 It is against South Carolina law to burn any trash at any time. The basic rule is that if it didn’t grow, you can’t burn    it – meaning only leaves, limbs, weeds, etc., can be burned, but no household refuse. But even though you may be       allowed to burn natural debris, it is also against the law to burn brush or debris unless you follow certain regulations.

  Before burning natural debris, you are required to notify the S.C. Forestry Commission. Each county has an 800    number for residents to call. A recorded message will inform residents of the level of fire danger in their area. Just  dial the appropriate number, listen to the message, and then leave your name, address and phone number.  Then you  should call your local fire dept. and leave them the same information.

1-800-986-5299  To Report Plan To Burn Brush, Debris

The law requires that you clear a firebreak around the burning site and have the right equipment available to keep the fire under control. The law also requires that you stay with the fire until it is completely safe.   Burning hours are from 9am to 3 pm.

No burning at all is allowed during any period which the governor declares an emergency in connection with forest fires.





Address Signs

Help us find your home,

One of the most difficult tasks in the fire service is locating the address of an emergency call.  Many homes are not clearly marked and those who do have markings that are difficult to read at night.  Reflective signs can be purchased from our headquarters on Tigerville Rd.  These signs are clearly marked and easy to spot.  They can be purchased for $15.00 but could be priceless when it comes to helping us save your family

Address Sign

Address Sign